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(We make useful stuff.)

And we believe sustainability should come first.
From material sourcing to user testing, board rooms to break rooms:
 Whatever we design has principles.
We start with social impact audits, expand sustainable supply chains, and those are just the the rules we won't break -- giving you and your customers better products, creating a better world in the meantime.
We Offer:
(Award Winning)
Product Design
New Product Roadmaps +
Sustainable Company Policies
Workshops, Classes
+ Ideation Sessions
Our Team

is here to help you, whatever your needs are.

  • Need new, sustainable company policies?

  • Want a bigger product line, with offerings that actually matter?

  • With supply chains that aren't wasteful, and solutions that don't break the bank?

  • Need educational materials for your team, or your customers?

...We've got that and more.

Leadership & Advisers
Dana Reinert, CEO

Afters spending 9 years in a wasteful, trend-chasing product and design industry, Reinert is in the business of creating sustainable impact products, transforming and advising industry giants to live in the social impact space - ahead of the curve. Forget the curve. Make a difference. Stand for something.


Focusing on education and advocacy, whether leading workshops on sustainable practices and policies, designing public art pop ups for TEDx community spaces, or teaching her Sustainable Innovation courses to undergrads and graduates alike, Reinert likes to roll up her sleeves.

"I like to think, instead of just making a product 10% better, how about designing something so out of the box, so sustainable, that it changes a whole industry? Who tells us in life that we can't do that? Why aren't we constantly doing that more?" 

This level of thinking was shown recently in the team's design of the QuickStir concept, a semi-finalist in IDEO & the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Circular Design Challenge, and currently up for review for a grand prize and accelerator program. Reinert's past achievements have been working for UNICEF and the UN, beating Starbucks to the punch on Nitro Cold Brew (she invented it), and creating and leading sustainable design initiatives. 

Interested in joining the team?
Interested? Drop us a line.
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