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Reimagine your impact.

From design to production, we help design thoughtful products, productive companies, sustainable supply chains, and disruptive innovations in an agile, focused environment.  We offer custom packages in design, product line expansion, sustainable supply chain development, product development, product positioning, product design, market analysis.


We also offer workshops on sustainability, team-building, agile development, policy change, greening your business,  thought leadership training for industry leaders (productivity, leveraging employees, making sustainability your focus), and more. 

Product Development (Example Package)

- Current Market Audits

- Current Product Audits 

- Expansion (Product Line Development, New Product Innovation, Industrial Design, Positioning)

- Product Lifecycle Planning  (From Q1 to Q4, How Will Your Product Fare?)

- Consultation (Supply Chains, Marketing Strategy & Consumer Insights)

Thought Leadership Training (Example Package)

- Productivity Audits (Do you have what you need? Who you need?)
- C-Suite Coaching 

- Creating All-Star Teams

- Leveraging Your Employees

Sustainability & Social Impact (Example Package)

- Market Trend & Impact Assessment (Product Audits)

- Sustainable Product Projections

- Brand & Sustainability Audit

- 'Find Your Obsession' Social Impact Inspiration Workshop 
               (Helps Current Employees Find Their 'Why', Creates More Productivity)

Sustainable Business Goal Setting & Brand Alignment

- 'Walk The Walk', Finding Strategic Partnerships & Foundation/Non-Profit Support

- Customer Exploration: Response Videos & Marketing Content, or 'Why It Works'. 

(what we offer).

Interested in this or more? Drop us a line!
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